Dimora delle Balze


The rooms at Dimora della Balze are the heart and soul of the estate, where the fruits of Sicilian tradition meets the spirit of contemporary design. Composed of 11 rooms, ranging in size from 25 to 50 square metres, each space has been carefully decorated with its own individual aesthetic that pays homage to the century old estate’s roots while preserving many of the original architectural elements, including frescoed ceilings and stone masonry walls. In addition to ceramics and furniture made by respected local craftspeople, the residences are decorated with contemporary pieces by some of the most daring and creative designers working today. Each room was named as a tribute to the work of a beloved Sicilian artist, writer, painter or director. By celebrating these works, that date from the Renaissance to today, the naming of each room represents Dimora della Balze’s ambition to champion and preserve the voices that make up the soul of Sicilian culture.


Beauty is an
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