Dimora delle Balze

Passo Ladro

Briganti Etici dal 2020

Passo Ladro is an enchanting oasis dedicated to sustainability and true organic farming, where the aroma of flowers and herbs fills the air and the vibrant colors of the plants enchant the senses. More than just a stunning sight, however, Passo Ladro is an ethical project committed to promoting a deeper connection with nature. True organic farming practices not only ensure the highest quality fruits and vegetables but also promote biodiversity and preserve the natural ecosystem, reflecting an enduring commitment to the environment and sustainable living.


The story of Passo Ladro is the story of a return to the lands of Sicily, lands steeped in history and tradition and memories made of cultivated fields, dusty carts and peasant life consumed under the Sun. The 27 hectares surrounding the Dimora delle Balze estate have been reclaimed to give the lands a new life, to learn about our history of the past and reconnect with our deepest roots. These lands are shrouded in a culture of value to which Passo Ladro strives to give voice on a daily basis through the cultivation of healthy and wholesome organic products.


The idea of Passo Ladro is embodied in a revolutionary and alternative impetus, the true organic has its deepest roots in the concept of respect for the land, nature and those who work it with their expert hands, because for us a healthy product is synonymous with ethical. Today, those 27 hectares of land have become 250 hectares of an alliance of local producers and farmers, a call to the land for many young people who want to work for the dream of an ethical, clean world, respecting people and the environment.

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