Dimora delle Balze

Special Project

The Syracuse region of southeast Sicily overlooking the tranquil Ionian Sea that meets the Mediterranean, is teeming with exceptional experiences to live and discover. Natural wonders, a thriving culture of art and craftsmanship, the vestiges of ancient life in the form of ruins and archeological sites dotting the landscape, make this corner of Sicily truly unique. Spend an idyllic afternoon soaking in the fragrance and colours of a citrus grove with your own organic picnic, sailing across crystalline waters to secret white sand beaches or winding your way along rugged landscapes on horseback, and see for yourself what the heart of this island has to offer.

8 albe

“8 albe”, a project founded by Dimora delle Balze, is a Contemporary Art Overview, on an annual basis, that will develop three main thematic areas: nature, time and dream world. With the creation of exhibition itineraries, video screenings and lectures organized in collaboration with different entities each time, 8 albe will explore, from year to year, the three main themes, all closely related to the place where this project was born and its natural composition.